: Elemental line : Neon
Above is the Elemental:Neon, formerly known as the BioHazard puzzle and first of the Elemental Line.
See more information on the creation of the Elemental:Neon at this thread on the TwistyPuzzle forum.
The Elemental:Neon is now for sale!
The Neon comes in a number of different themes in addition to the original BioHazard theme.
Price for the Classic design is $150 and includes packging of a box with inserts.
Price for the new half-height design (no packaging) is $100.
Payment with PayPal is accepted world wide, check and money order accepted in the US.
Shipping is $5 within the US and $10 worldwide.
email to get on the waiting list (production is a bit slower than demand at the moment).

Custom colors are available at an additional cost.  The color of the base, body, plungers, pieces and top can all be customized for an additional $5 each, see this thread for more details on what is available.

Unfortunately no more lower cost ($25) DIY kits (see here for details) are available.

Find a solution to the Neon here.

The BioHazard Deluxe version of the Elemental:Neon is now available:
The price for the Deluxe is $175 (Classic) or $125 half-height.