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Do It Yourself (DIY) kit

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The cost for the Neon DIY kit is $25.  Shipping within the US and Canada is $3, shipping world wide is $7.


The Elemental:Neon DIY kit has a complicated history:   It started as a batch of 50 puzzles I submitted for laser cutting to a professional shop.  There were a few mistakes, and all 2000 parts were unusable for my design.  There were three main problems:

I designed around these flaws, but the per-puzzle work to build with these parts was more hassle than just cutting new acrylic from scratch, making it not worth building myself.  Because the laser shop credited back the costs of the job and acrylic, the main parts are essentially free, making this an ideal candidate for a DIY kit.  Without the cost of the main body parts, product costs are mainly the fasteners, a few other parts (the movable pieces) and spacers.  With far less labor the costs can then become reasonable for a product.

The final product, given the modified design, is not as clean or finished as the non-DIY version nor is the movement as precise, but the DIY is a fully functional puzzle very similar in look to the classic.

The assembly guide can be found here.

Unfortunately, at this time the Neon DIY is sold out.